Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an escape room?

Kind of.  The experience is similar to an escape room in that you complete challenges and tasks working through the Mission.  But you move through multiple spaces and instead of trying to break OUT, a mobile app will guide you to break IN!

Will you group me with other people?

NO!!!  You and your team will never be grouped with others.  This is your Mission, your team.  If you have a large party we will break up into smaller teams and you can compete against each other.

Do I really need a phone?

Yes! At least one member of your team MUST have a phone to complete the Mission.  The app is the only way to communicate with the Support Team who will be guiding you and evaluating your effectiveness.

How many people are on a Mission at the same time?

Ideally a Mission is completed by two people.  One is the Intelligence Agent and one runs Operations.  As many as 4 per team can comfortably maneuver in the training space.  The third and fourth agents also function as Intelligence Agents.  Only 1 person can run Ops at a time.

How long does a Mission take?

The experience runs for about 30 minutes per team.  This includes

·         Creating your Agent profile on the App

·         Completing the demo Mission (to get a feel for how things work)

·         Successful completion of a real Mission

·         Attempting one of our FREE Missions

Can I try it alone, a solo Mission?

YES!!!  While succeeding at completing a Mission will be a little harder, it is absolutely possible to try it solo.  You can either perform both the Intelligence and Operations roles at the same time (multiple browser tabs) or study the briefing before the Mission begins.

Is there help available?

Yes!  The app has a “Help” feature built into the Operations interface.  Help is available on each task.  Use it if you get stuck or whenever you want.  Using help will penalize you 10% of the points available for that Mission, but in most cases it will keep you from failing.  Help is not the answer, but a clue, nudging you in the right direction.

Can I fail?

Yes, but that isn’t bad!  TheMissionZone simulates a real-world secret agent operation.  Agents fail in real life too.  As with the real world, better preparation and review of the Briefing materials can help prevent failure.  But if you fail…no problem!  You come out of the training space, get smarter and try again.  Like a video game, most Missions give each team 3 ‘lives’ to complete the Mission.

Is there a time limit?

There is a timer on each task counting down.  The remaining time is displayed on the Operations interface, counting down.  Since tasks vary in difficulty, the time limits for each time mirror the difficulty level.

Where did Goose come from?

We got Goose, our Mascot, from Valiant Bulldogs in Connecticut.