TheMissionZone has gone through a number of iterations as our founder has evolved the concept over the years.

The first ideas for TheMissionZone came to Josh while sitting in his Operations Management class at Bentley in 1992.  At first he just wanted a simulator to extend the snowboarding season. 

Over the years a number of enhancements to that original idea have come to form the basis of what we are today.  Many of those original features are still in the plan for future releases.  So not too much will be detailed in any public documents :)

In 2011, after years of inaction Josh started following the startup scene and began his blog.

In 2014, Josh and his friend Joe K finally started doing some design work and built a prototype for the data model for the education product

By 2017, it was clear that the corporate world was not for Josh.  Joe moved to Seattle and a job at Microsoft.  Josh started to formulate the "Jan 2 Plan" which involved getting life in order so he could quit his day job and work full-time on TheMissionZone.

Jan 2, 2018 Josh is no longer employed at Fidelity and is working on TheMissionZone full time.  Stay tuned!