How We Employ Ethics in What We Do

This company was founded on the idea that I want to go to work every day and be surrounded by people that I trust and value as much as my family.  That is why I try to structure a work-lifestyle that mimics what I think we should do as a family.

                                                                                  -Josh Rutstein

There are little things that we do every day that make us act more like a family and a tight knit organization that believes in supporting each other.  These include...

·         Eating lunch family style.  Taking turns cooking large meals for the whole team.

·         Exercising daily as a unit.

·         Trusting people to purchase office supplies without approvals.

·         Allowing people to work remotely.

·         No vacation policy.

·         Our people work the hours that make the most sense for their personal family and professional family.

·         Respect for each other's personal, professional and political opinions.

·         Respect for each other's favorite sports teams.

·         Feedback is your friend.  Listen to what your peers say about your work and ingest it.  The review and growth process is continuous.