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Partner With Us!

TheMissionZone believes that the best content will come from people that don’t work for us. But you shouldn’t do it for free! We will pay you for your hard work. You create missions on our platform and we will share a portion of the revenue generated from your mission with you! It’s a simple 4 step process to get involved so help us to help people to Get Smarter, while Having Fun.


Step 1 - Become an Architect

Scroll down to the submission form for you to give us some details about yourself. That will help us make sure you are not a Russian troll farm or bot. We only want upstanding and creative people in here!

Step 2 - Alto Training (ok it’s not “A Lot”)

To make the configuration easier, we’ve created a series of videos and some templates to help you understand how to structure a mission and how certain fields make the app perform for a player. It’s not hard, we just want to make it easy for you, so you can focus on awesome content. Training will take you less than an hour.

Alto Training.JPG


Step 3 - Create Content

Content can be as simple or intricate as you can imagine. You build a plot, can have training videos, point people to find information around the world or the web, etc. Everything is done via text fields and pick-lists on our web screens. It takes a little thinking to build something really amazing, but we know you are just the person to get it done!

Step 4 - Challenge your friends

By the nature of what you have created, a Mission is a challenge for someone to complete successfully. You should challenge others to complete what you have created. They will have fun and maybe learn something in the process. Share it on social channels, buy them a gift certificate or bring them down sometime.

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Partner Tiers

  • Silver. 5% of player revenue from each mission created. Create 1-10 missions on platform. Minimum of 5 players must start a mission before payout (missions do not need to be completed successfully). Average approval score > 3

  • Gold. 7% of player revenue from each mission created. Create 11-50 missions on platform. Cumulative 100 player:missions must start a mission before payout (missions do not need to be completed successfully). Average approval score > 4.25

  • Premier. 10% of player revenue from each mission created. Create 50+ missions on platform. Cumulative 500 player:missions must start a mission before payout (missions do not need to be completed successfully). Average approval score > 4.6

  • ZoneCacher. This is a specialty category.  A ZoneCacher is someone who hides treasure for others to complete a Mission to recover.  Similar to people that set up GeoCaching finds, these are people who create the mystery for others to solve, but in TheMissionZone, you can make money! 

    These Missions will pay 30% of all revenue regardless of number of players, however, you must offer up a treasure for someone to hunt.  Namely in cash or intrinsic value.

    Example- For an artwork recovery Mission you might place $25 of artwork in a ‘safe’.  If 8 people or fewer attempt the Mission and fail, you recover only $24 (8 people at $10 per Mission, times 30%).  If the first person gets it, you get only $3 on your $25 investment.  But if 9 or more people try and fail, you make money!  Make your Missions challenging!

Terms and Conditions

  1. Content has to be original to us. You can be inspired from anywhere you like but you cannot copy other Missions on the platform.

  2. You must be a real and upstanding person. We want to verify who you are with Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, etc

  3. None of the Missions will be violent, or involve a kinetic force to complete an Objective/Task.

  4. Missions will not promote hate or negativity or unethical behavior. This is subjective, we know. But this is a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Mission Review Process

  1. Data Integrity - We will check to make sure that all fields are complete and correct. The order must also be logical.

  2. Zone Suitability - We make sure that all props, decorations and rooms needed for the Mission are present at the Zone.

  3. Ethical - A panel of judges will review the content and plot and linked material to make sure nothing is unethical in any way or reflects poorly on TheMissionZone, its partners and the community.

  4. Interesting - A Mission must have a good story line and be age appropriate.

  5. Catchall - We reserve the right to reject any Mission configuration or Architect that does not meet our standards.