Every Company Has a Soul

I believe that every person should know their "why" statement.  It defines who they are and the reason for getting up and engaging the world every day.  A company is no different.  But rather than keep these to oneself, a company needs to be explicit about why it exists.  These beliefs need to be clearly articulated for employees, customers and partners.

                                                                                                     - Josh Rutstein

Why do we exist as a company?  Humanity is forever evolving.  Recent advantages in technology have enabled a sedentary lifestyle that is not healthy.  Education and entertainment are pushing us to sit and stare at screens far longer than we should.  We exist to build a world in which any person can engage in challenge, exercise, learning and entertainment simultaneously.  We want humanity to take massive leaps in cognitive evolution and leverage technology to do so; without being a slave to it.  

We believe that the technology implicit in Manipulated Reality, has the potential to change every single person's; relationship with the world (by learning more than they have before), relationship with others (promoting team building experiences) and relationship with themselves (by unlocking individual strength through personal entertainment).

We believe that nothing should be taught if we don’t have an answer for a kid struggling at the kitchen table asking their parent “when will I need this in the real world?”

Our objective is to create multiple channels for people to experience limitless Manipulated Reality experiences at a reasonable cost, wherever they may live, work or play.

In order to achieve this goal we believe in...

·         Our Company -We have a purpose and that is something important.  Our work really does define us.  As such, we want to work with a group of people who make us proud to be defined by what we do. 

·         Our People - If we believe in the Company, than the Company must believe in us. Embedded in any policies formulated for our people, will be the explicit belief that TheMissionZone embraces our people - and their families - as part of the corporate family.  By forming this bond, the company works to fulfill the goals of its people, while the people work to fulfill the goals of the company.

·         Our Community - The following hierarchy is paramount to TheMissionZone's existence.  While this sets priority for decision making, each item is important to every thing we do.

  1. Self.  As an employee of TheMissionZone, you are obligated to make your own self interest the number 1 priority each day.  This includes your physical and mental health.  We will not only advocate for, but strongly encourage exercise and introspection on a daily basis.  The health of our people is tied to the health of the company.  We Don't Work on Powder Days.

  2. Family.  Always make decisions as though they impact your family; in some ways, they always will.  This forms the basis of our ethical norms.  Always remember your family, make them proud and serve them well.

  3. Customers. We do not succeed unless our customers see value in the product we provide. Every employee and partner needs to put that success first. This means that regardless of policy or norm, whomever is facing the customer at a given time, is empowered to do what is best for that experience. Note that the customer can be wrong, even when they are unsatisfied with the product or service we provide. But having empathy, respect and trying to find a solution is the best way to approach even the most contentious situations.

  4. Country.  Respect the country, your community, your neighbors, your friends, our customers, our potential customers or generally anyone around us in everything you do.  We are all in this life together.  Respect the environment.  Respect the science of it.  Always make decisions as though the world depends on us succeeding.

  5. Company.  TheMissionZone is our financial benefactor.  Its on-going success is our success.  Make decisions as though its existence is not a zero-sum-game with your own.  We have a symbiotic relationship and we need to ensure that TheMissionZone continues to grow and meet its goals to enhance the stature of the world.