Challenge: Accepted

Challenge accepted.jpg

Today I got a little surprise that threw me for a loop. I am not going to be able to extend my lease as I had hoped. We’ve been in this space just 3 months and now it’s time to move. I can’t even really get going before I get pushed back to [START]. Yes I knew this was a risk. Intentionally signing a short-term lease so I didn’t get locked down was the trade-off. So here I am.

I admit, I was a little down at first. After 14 months of building the product (the app, physical infrastructure, electronics, content), I just want to start marketing and selling to prove the concept! This was the last thing I needed.

But then you remember your training. Breathe Josh. Analyze the problem. Talk it out (aka text the wife). Sara started looking for new spaces and encouraged me to look too. Truth be told, this place isn’t that great. I would like a little more traffic and to be closer to some of the industrial companies that will help bring in corporate training, off-site, and new-hire orientation business. And honestly this is a little more space than I need to prove product:market fit.

I’ve been surfing real-estate sites for the past hour and there are some good options out there. Plus, I intentionally built this Zone unit to easily break down in case this happened.

So when life throws you a shit sandwich…throw it the f-out and go make your own sandwich!

Today’s news started out looking pretty crappy. And don’t get me wrong, no matter how big a happy face I put on, this is really annoying. But then I thought about texting with Tay last night. In about 2 hours she starts 3 days of Recognition, out at USAFA. Some might say my problems pale in comparison. So in solidarity with Cadet 4th Class Taylor Rutstein… it’s time to get some!

Hooyah, universe. Challenge accepted.