I'm in Training Right Now

How many times has one of your employees answered an instant message, phone call, or visitor at their desk with "I'm in training right now"?  If they are even able to say the words, then the training couldn't be all that engaging.  These associates are not learning.

It is a well documented fact that when someone is distracted or multi-tasking, that their retention levels drop.  In fact, an NIH study revealed that when subjects took on a second activity, completely different from the first (like a phone call while driving) their cognitive ability drops 37% on the first activity.  And that is if they are even trying to pay attention!

We know what happens.  Employees are sitting at their desks, forced to watch a training video or clicking through some interactive instruction program.  But on the second monitor, they are chatting with friends, answering email or doing work.  In these cases, even the most elaborate videos or the fanciest of training apps, can't keep their attention.  They retain almost nothing of the important material.

At TheMissionZone we know that training can be boring and if people are not engaged, they lose focus.  We believe in making training so exciting, that employees don't want to look away.  Our experiential training solutions require that employees are engaged in mind and body, making it nearly impossible to be distracted.

We want to enable L&D professionals to conduct more successful training programs for your associates.  Contact us to learn how.


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