Repetition- Not So Much

When I was a kid, the one thing that drove me crazy about playing video games was when you would die, you’d have to go back pretty far or to the beginning. ARGHH Especially when you only had 3 lives, there was a chance I could mess up again before I got back to where I was.

As I considered TheMissionZone experience and thinking about it as an experiential learning platform for kids to learn STEM subjects, I thought that repeating part of the Mission would be great to assist in the learning process. That might be true, but repeating from the beginning absolutely sucks for an entertainment experience. As I tell potential Agents, I want this to be like a real-world video game.

For the past few months I have been joking with people that I hated that experience as a kid, and then I built the exact thing. How frustrating!

We’ve now had a lot of people complete Missions, and we have learned a lot along the way.

Matheus and I have been working on smaller cosmetic and functional issues for the past few months. But as of today, I am happy to say that we have corrected the biggest flaw. And with that, I’m naming this the v2.0 of the app.

Agents can now restart the Mission from where you failed!

This is a huge improvement that will enhance the realism of the experience, save time, and generally make a more game-like atmosphere at the Zone.

Everyone fails at Missions, and that is cool. You get smarter and try again. I’m happy to say the process of replaying is now way more fun and feels less like unnecessary repetition. So come on in and give it a try!