We Make the Good GREAT

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Look at our MVP store front, is it the best? No. Nothing ever is “the best”.

As we get started here at TheMissionZone, I’ve been thinking a lot about hiring. Next week I hope to release and start selling an actual product before our Groundhog Day public launch. It should give a good opportunity to figure things out. After all, I am not perfect and I need some time to shake out how things are going to work. Assuming that I am successful and we demonstrate value, I am hopeful that capital will follow and I will be able to start hiring people full time.

You hear about the big tech co’s and especially Netflix and the endless focus on hiring “the best people”. I am not the best, and it would be arrogant to assume that I was. Further, while I agree with the notion of hiring people that complement rather than reflect your own skills, that doesn’t mean that that requires the “best” people. Everyone has their own areas of expertise and I have no idea which of those would be the most important for our success. How could I?

So I am vowing not to even bother searching for the “best” people. I want good people that always want to be better. And by working at TheMissionZone and committing to our vision, employees should know that they are not expected to be great. They are only required to strive for greatness. That is a whole process and one that will be refined over time. We are in the business of helping associates be better at whatever they do or whatever they dream of doing. We will make you better. You will make me better.

If someone is already “great” or the “best”, what possibly could a company see in a long term investment in that person? They are acknowledging that the person can’t get any better. So they reward you based on continued performance at that level? How do you grow?

At TheMissionZone, I want every employee to always want more of themselves. That is defined across all dimensions including professional, personal, physical health and community involvement. We don’t want someone who is great already, we want you to grow and be greater than you were the day before.