Building a Brand


I have never been particularly happy with any of our corporate logos. I created one long ago in PowerPoint that reflected one of the core tenets of the product. I then tried to crowd source a logo on-the-cheap and tried to reflect again some of the features of the product.

Several months ago, we started working with an exceptional designer to mock up a ‘feel’ for how the app we are building would look to the user. Felipe was able to take all the ideas I had in my head and nail them down in a design and color scheme that really works for the ‘gamer’ feel we were trying to evoke.

Now that we are closing in on product launch, I felt it was important to get our logo and branding to match the feel of the app design. That has culminated with the new logo above. It conveys everything we want a user to feel as they engage with TheMissionZone. We want you to focus on what you need to do and learn, movement around a physical space, a techy aura, and most importantly gaming. We have tried to walk a delicate line with the gaming aspect. But we have come to the stark realization that in order to “Have Fun” you must embody all the concepts of ‘fun’ and gaming does exactly that. We are all in on being a game that happens to let you both learn and play at the same time.

I’m very happy with the new logo. You should start seeing it appear in many of the things we are building and sharing with the world.

Get Smarter. Have Fun. TheMissionZone