Plot Matters


For many of us, playing Dungeons and Dragons was an important part of being a kid.  I admit, it wasn’t a particularly exciting activity in and of itself.  What made it fun was the story lines we invented, the adventures we concocted, the quests we pursued.  Without the story, without plot, we would have just been sitting around and rolling multi-sided dice.  A good Dungeon Master was the key to an exciting night of questing with your friends.

At TheMissionZone, we know that plot matters. An immersive experience is only as exciting as the plot line you immerse yourself into.  That’s what makes the experience exciting.  We employ a comprehensive 3 step review process insure that all of our missions have an intricate and original plot line.  We want all of our Agents to have a memorable mission experience.  Just like those great nights of playing D&D, you should want to tell your friends about the great time you had completing a Mission.  And as a bonus, you learned something useful! 

That part is the key.  Many corporate training lessons already have scenario based plot lines.  "Sally discovers that one of her co-workers has started to..."  Yes it's a story...but that story doesn't have to be boring!  We believe that an interesting plot line not only helps keep your attention to help you learn, but it also makes the experience fun.   Getting Smarter, while Having Fun.

Within the next month we will launch a program to certify people to build missions on our platform.  We call these extraordinarily creative people “Architects.”   Architects will facilitate a community driven approach to building missions.  Architects will also have the ability to share in the revenue generated as Agents try to complete their missions.  The first 20 applications we receive will be part of an accelerated certification process.  If you believe that you have the creativity to be one the first Architects we approve on the platform, please submit your name below and we will get you started on the certification process.  If you know someone bitten with that creative bug, please tell them about this exciting opportunity!

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